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Therapies for Pets


Reiki for Pets 

Reiki is a 100% natural hands-on and non-invasive therapy that has great benefits to aid in healing chronic and acute illnesses, injuries and behavioral conditions, including depression, aggression, fear, refusal to be trained, and even self-mutilation, and it is also very beneficial during and after the passing process for the people and other animals in the household. Distance Reiki is available since Reiki can be sent to anyone anywhere.

The benefits of Reiki on pets 
  • Accelerates the healing process from illness injury or surgery. 

  • Provides pain relief and relaxation to enhance natural healing response.

  • Reduces and supports recovery from side effects of conventional cancer treatments.

  • Promotes deep relaxation for pets with anxiety and stress or those with past history of abuse.

  • Comforts and relaxes animals nearing end of life for a peaceful transition.

Reiki treatments are always safe for animals of any size and can be combined with conventional Western medicine and therapies.

Biomagnetism for pets

Biomagnetism is a non-invasive therapy, applied through special magnets. It can help eliminate pathologies for both people and animals helping to stimulate the body's natural ability for self-healing.


Biomagnetism helps animals, physically and emotionally, to release tension and better cope with stressful situations.


Benefits of Biomagnetism in pets:

  • Relieves all kinds of pain, such as those caused by osteoarthritis, joint or muscle problems.

  • Helps overcome nervousness, insecurity, anxiety, depression, or aggressiveness.

  • Allergies and skin conditions

  • Helps maintain vitality and good spirits in elder pets

  • Tones the immune system by reinforcing the natural  defenses of the animal

  • Relieves pain resulting from trauma,

  • Maintains our furry friends balanced, healthy and happy! 

Dog with Magnets.jpeg

Radionic for Pets

Radionic Table for Pets is an innovative quantum healing technique that allows to balance the animal's chakras, unblock their energies, harmonize their emotions, and restore their physical and spiritual well-being.


This technique can also help balance and reduce stress, anxiety, and reactive behaviors to improve your pet's emotional health.


The Radionic Table can be used to complement  conventional medicine treatments to facilitate the faster recovery of the animal.


This therapy does not require the physical presence of the pet, can be done remotely via zoom.

Conejo Radionic_edited.jpg
Holding Paw

Emotional Kinesiology for pets 

Animal Kinesiology is performed by muscle testing, determining physical, biochemical, emotional and energetic blockages affecting your animal’s health and wellbeing

Remote connection is also used in situations where the animal cannot be physically present. In cases such as this, the owner is asked for a fur sample from their animal to perform the testing.

Kinesiology can help your pet overcome:

Emotional imbalances, Behavioral issues, Health concerns, Past trauma and anxiety, Allergies (Includes food and environmental allergens), Itchy skin, Digestive problems, Hyperactivity, Pain.


Kinesiology is not a replacement for veterinary diagnosis and treatment; however it can enhance such treatments by reducing stress, releasing any trauma involved, speeding the healing process and restoring vitality.

She is Gitana...

Gitana was a race horse at the Hallandale Racetrack in Broward, Florida. Now she is retired in a beautiful ranch.

Watch her video where I was asking Gitana if She likes her Reiki session ?...

And She answer back with her head saying YES!

Note: Our holistic wellness services are not intended to replace veterinary care. Please consult with a licensed veterinarian for any medical concerns affecting your pet.

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