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Heidy Loeb 

Quantum Wellness Technology and Oriental Medicine Therapist

I am a Master of Oriental Medicine, a quantum technology therapist and an Emotional Kinesiologist, helping clients in their healing process though a variety of alternative medicine modalities. Fluent in  English, Spanish and some Portuguese. 

Areas of Expertise

Oriental Medicine, Emotional Kinesiology, Biofeedback, ​Radionic, Bio-frequency Remedies, Herbology


Qi Energy



About Me

Through cancer that affected a family member, I began to study and learn about alternative healing therapies to help him while witnessing his recovery and remission, understanding that there are other ways to reach well-being and health. 

I have been practicing alternative healing therapies for over 18 years as a Master Reiki, Pranic Healer, Reconnective Healer and Emotional Kinesiologist. I have a Master's degreed in Oriental Medicine and I'm currently working on my Board examens to become Licensed.  In addition, during the past few years, I also became an expert in Quantum wellness technology.  This gives me the strength and knowledge of five thousand years of Chinese medicine combined with cutting edge technologies to help improve the well-being of my patients. 

My passion is not only helping people in their spiritual growth and healing process, or their transition process at the end of their lives, but also, helping animals in different healing processes with quantum therapies and alternative medicine.

Herbal Medicine

Contact Me

Tel: (346) 327- 6490


Instagram: @hloeb

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